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GU24 light bulbs have a base consisting of two bayonets that look like pendant pins which turn-and-lock into place. GU24 base bulbs operate mainly on standard line voltage (110-130 volts in the USA), and the turn-and-lock base allows for consistent contact with the socket to minimize premature failures from socket corrosion or freezing common in standard screw type sockets. For this reason, GU24 base compact fluorescent bulbs are gaining popularity as an energy-efficient alternative to standard medium-base screw-in light bulbs.

GU24 light bulbs are now widely used in a variety of applications that require general area or directional lighting, such as track lighting, recessed can ceiling lights, retail display lighting, wall sconces, hanging pendants, or decorative household light fixtures. GU24 bulbs are commonly made in spiral CFLs since a majority of energy efficient Energy Star qualified fixtures are now manufactured with GU24 sockets. Self-ballasted GU24 adapters allow for the use of plug-in CFL bulbs, which increase the options for wattage, brightness, and bulb size. The wattage, color, and style of bulb can always be changed to any bulb with a GU24 base.

While a GU24 light bulb will always have the same base type - the pins are 24 millimeters apart, hence the designation GU24 - they are made in different shapes and sizes. For this reason, consumers should always consult their fixture manual or a lighting professional to determine proper size and wattage for specific applications.

For customers wanting additional flexibility with their GU24 fixtures, a GU24 to E26 socket adapter is available. The GU24 base adapter allows for the use of standard E26 medium base bulbs in GU24 sockets, meaning users can use any type of standard base light bulb in their GU24 fixtures.

GU24 spiral CFL bulbs are made in a variety of color temperatures to provide options for user preference, including 2700K (warm white), 4100K (cool white) and 5000K (natural full spectrum bright white).

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